IntrCity Bus PNR Status

Step 1: Open the IntrCity Smart bus website –

Before moving on to the next step, confirm that you are on the homepage.

  • Save the Intrcity website to your favorites for future convenience.
  • In order to prevent any problems throughout the process, make sure your internet connection is steady.

Step 2: Select ‘My Booking’ Option

  • Scroll down the Home page.
  • You can see ‘My Booking’ option. 
  • select the option ‘My Booking’.

Step 3: Enter your PNR Number Or Mobile Number.

  • Put your PNR number in the space designated for it.
  • Make sure you typed the proper PNR number by checking again.
  • Another Option Enter your Registered Mobile Number.
  • Click on ‘Search’, then verify your Bus PNR Status.


  • Always double-check the PNR number before clicking on ‘Submit’.
  • Enter the correct Registered Mobile number.
  • Ensure you have a stable internet connection to avoid any interruptions during the process.
  • Bookmark the IntrCity Smart bus website for easy access to their services.


If you have any doubt questions PNR Status Related, please contact the below numbers.

  • Customer Care Number    :  7303093510
  • Support Mail ID       


Stelling Technologies,

1st Floor, Amco Tower,

Plot No A-5,6&7, Sector 9,


Uttar Pradesh.

About Intrcity SmartBus

IntrCity SmartBus debuted in early 2019 while IntrCity RailYatri began operations in 2011.

A fleet of buses bearing the IntrCity SmartBus brand provides a uniform, secure, safe, and enjoyable bus travel experience. Early in2019, IntrCity SmartBus began service in two cities. and as of right now, we link more than 100 Indian cities.

In the beginning of 2019, Delhi Lucknow

June 2019: First lounge opened in Lucknow; South Operations began with Bangalore and Hyderabad as a hub.Sep 2019-Expanded to West Started connecting 40 cities. Opened lounge in Bangalore

Dec. 2019: 65 cities are now connected. Ahmedabad’s lounge opened.

Connecting 100 cities by March 2020. opened lounges in Chennai and Hyderabad.

May 2020: Conducted an industry study to learn about the travel preferences of inter-city travelers in the post-COVID era.

August 2020: After a lockdown, operations were resumed.started the Safe Plus program to stop the spread of coronaviruses

Beginning in November 2020, bus service on all pre-COVID routes

March 2021: Connected over 630 locations throughout India

June 2021: More than a million journeys with five million travelers, 500 million kilometers traveled, and more than 280 cities visited

July 2021: Special seats were introduced for expectant mothers, nursing mothers, taller passengers, and passengers who are overweight.

Water level indicator installed for the water tanks in the bus restrooms in August 2021

Dec. 2021: “smart” intercity buses were introduced by IntrCity Smart in collaboration with Daimler India Commercial Vehicles.

Jan 2022: Completed partner boarding points and over fifty company-owned boarding lounges

Releases the first brand film, “It’s not a bus,” in May 2022. It’s a SmartBus.

First Brand Film “It’s Not a Bus, It’s a SmartBus” is unveiled in May 2022.

June 2022: Our SmartBus Staff Celebrated Father’s Day (A Gift of Health)

started a Raksha Bandhan campaign in August 2022 by bringing Rakhis to those sisters who were unable to see their brothers.


  • Volvo,
  • Volvo Sleeper,
  • Sleeper,
  • AC Sleeper,
  • AC Seater.

Bus Facilities

  • Blanket
  • Water Bottle
  • Toilet
  • Charging Point
  • First Aid Box
  • CCTV
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Emergency Exit
  • GPS 
  • SmartBus Lounge

Terms and Condition

RailYatri only sells bus tickets. It doesn’t run its own bus services. It has partnered with other bus aggregators to give customers an extensive selection of bus operators, departure timings, and pricing.

Customers should select bus providers they are familiar with and whose service they feel comfortable using, advises RailYatri.

bus type: provided, within 24 hours of the trip, the client notifies RailYatri that the bus operator has changed the bus type for any reason, RailYatri will reimburse the customer the difference provided the operator is ready to pay the same.

Facilities: The bus operator has chosen and supplied the facilities for the buses that are displayed on RailYatri. Unless there are some exclusions on specific days, these facilities will be available.

NOTE: In an effort to assist travelers in making knowledgeable decisions, RailYatri offers this information. The operator, not RailYatri, is responsible for any unavailability of the amenity.

Baggage: If you have excess bags, the bus operator may charge you more.

Modification of Booking Details: RailYatri is unable to make any changes to a ticket once it has been generated, including changes to the email address, boarding point, or mobile number. We recommend that the customer get in touch with the relevant Operator directly.