One of the codes used by Indian Railways (IR) to show the status of your reservation is TQWL, or “Tatkal Quota Waitlisted.” Essentially, you usually have to get a “Tatkal,” or instant ticket, when a last-minute trip idea arises and you need to purchase a train ticket during an emergency.


Whatever happens when you cancel now, 24 hours in advance, or right before the creation of the chart you will only receive a refund after deducting Rs.60 rupees.

So, in one way or another, I’ll have to pay Rs.60 There will be no refund if TQWL is confirmed after charting.

Refunds for confirmed Tatkal tickets are not available.

If a Tatkal ticket is placed on a wait list, the fare Refund will be given in line with rule – in 1 (Unused WL / RAC ticket).

Tatkal Ticket Refund: Full refund of fare, less clerk age, shall be admissible for confirmed passengers also in the event that a party Tatkal/family ticket issued for travel by more than one person, some of whom have confirmed reservations and others are on waiting list, and the entire Tatkal ticket is surrendered for cancellation up to 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of the train, and full refund of the Tatkal ticket on dislocation of train service

On a verified Tatkal ticket, there will be no fare refund.

If a Tatkal ticket is placed on a queue, the fare refund will be given according to the norm with less clerkage.

On the other hand, tickets purchased under the Tatkal program will be fully refunded of the fare and tatkal costs under the following conditions:

  • If the passenger’s journey starting point and boarding point are different, and the train is delayed by more than 3 hours at the passenger’s journey originating point and not the boarding point.
  • If passengers refuse to travel and the train is forced to operate on a different route.
  • If the train is supposed to travel a different route but neither the destination nor the boarding station is on it.
  • If a coach that has been designated for Tatkal accommodations is not attached, and the passenger is not accommodated in the same class.
  • If the group does not wish to travel after being accommodated in lower class. Should the group travel in lower class, the traveller will receive a refund for the difference in fare as well as any applicable Tatkal charges.
  • When a family or party Tatkal ticket is purchased for travel by multiple people and some of the passengers have confirmed their reservations while others are on the waiting list, the full fare, less clerkage, will be refunded to the confirmed passengers. This is only applicable if the entire Tatkal ticket is turned in for cancellation no later than two hours before the train’s scheduled departure.

Travel on a confirmed, RAC, or waitlisted ticket may be postponed for up to two days in the following classes and for the same destination or any higher class by the same train or by any other train, provided that:

  • The reservation ticket must be turned in at least 48 hours before the train’s scheduled departure, during business hours at the reservation office.
  • The train where a new reservation is needed has confirmed, RAC, or waitlisted accommodations available.
  • If a ticket is confirmed, a new reservation fee is paid for the class for which a reservation is needed: additionally
  • Clerkage is paid for tickets that are RAC or waitlisted.

Regarding Tatkal Tickets Reserved using e-Tickets:

If a confirmed Tatkal ticket is cancelled, there will be no refunds given. Charges will be subtracted in accordance with current Railway regulations for contingent cancellations and waitlisted Tatkal ticket cancellations. Tatkal e-tickets may be partially cancelled.

After deducting cancellation fees, the Railways allow refunds for tickets that are partially or not used at all. Refunds are available for these tickets. But keep in mind that, depending on the train’s scheduled or real departure time, your ticket must be turned in within the allotted time. A set sum or a portion of the fare will be subtracted as a cancellation fee, contingent on this time range. The following table provides more information on these.

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