Go First Return & Refund Policy


Cancellation Policy:

Goair will execute a partial refund after deducting airline cancellation penalty costs in the form of agency fund transfers if the consumer cancels four hours prior to the departure time.

Customer-initiated cancellations made up to four hours before departure or after departure:

Refunds of unused taxes will be processed by Goair as agency fund transfers.

Goair suspends the flight:

For all such flights, Goair will conduct a complete refund as a credit shell.

Process for Cancellation/Claim Refund:

  • The consumer has two options for canceling their reservation: the EaseMyTrip MyBookings self-service portal (mybookings.easemytrip.com) or the Goair website, APP, or phone center.
  • If the consumer used the Goair website, app, or contact center to cancel their flight, they must use the EaseMyTrip My booking self-service portal (mybookings.easemytrip.com) to receive a refund.
  • In the event that Goair suspends the flight or grants a full refund for whatever reason, the customer must initiate a full refund cancellation request through the EaseMyTrip My booking self-service portal (mybookings.easemytrip.com) in order to obtain their refund.

Amendment/Rescheduling Policy:

Customer-initiated changes made up to 14 days prior to departure:

Goair permits a single, free change of itinerary. Customers may do this for travel through February 28, 2020, with the application of any applicable fare difference.

Modification requested by the client within 4 hours and 14 days before to departure:

Goair forbids any kind of free modification. The customer may reschedule and pay the fare difference (if any) in order to change the date of their trip.

Customer-initiated modification made four hours or after the departure date:

Customers cannot reschedule flights with Goair.


complete refund will be provided using the original payment method. We understand that the airline cancellations may have interfered with plans, and we promise to help as much as we can.

What fees apply to reservations that are cancelled:

You have two hours before the flight’s scheduled departure time to cancel your reservation. GoAir charges a cancellation fee of INR 2,950.

You can receive a refund for the taxes and fees paid, regardless of whether you cancel just before the flight leaves or give the airline no notice at all that you will be missing it. Up to 70% of the entire cost of the ticket may be attributed to these alone.

If the airline is able to resell your ticket and if it is allowed by the airline’s terms and conditions, the base fare—also referred to as the “actual ticket price”—will only be reimbursed in full. The passenger may be eligible for a refund of up to 95% of the total ticket price under such circumstances.

Cost breakdown for refundable airline tickets:

The real cost that the airline charges for transportation from point A to point B is known as the base fare or actual ticket price.

The price of printing and distributing the airline ticket is known as the processing or service fee. Since 2004, this has been given to travel agencies in place of commissions.

Taxes and fees are expenses that an airline transfers to other entities, such the airport. These consist of taxes levied by specific nations in addition to security and customs charges. Included in the fees is the baggage fee, which low-cost airlines do not include in the base rate.

Fees paid for a bank transfer are known as transaction fees.

Refunds for cancelled airline tickets:

 Should you decide to cancel your ticket, the airline is required to fully reimburse you for the following amounts:

Airport levies and charges
Security charges and levies
fuel escalations

Most of the aforementioned fees are transferred to other parties, including airports, and are only due at the time the passenger boards the aircraft. This holds true even if you bought a ticket that is marked as “non-refundable.” Fuel surcharges are not managed by other parties and are not considered a tax. But since you are not consuming gasoline if you are not flying, the airline must fully reimburse this expense.

Not all of the following sums will be reimbursed:

Real ticket cost

Transaction costs

Unless the airline specifically states otherwise in its terms and conditions, the traveller will not receive a refund of the ticket price. Should they fail to specify such requirements, the airline will have to demonstrate that they were unable to resell your ticket. You must receive a refund for 95% of the ticket price if they are unable to produce proof of this. When purchasing your ticket, all transaction fees associated with bank transfers will not be reimbursed.