Tanishq Return, Refund & Exchange Policy


Tanishq’s journey began in 1994 with the introduction of 18k gold watches adorned with priceless stones. However, it quickly expanded to become a 22K jeweller offering an exquisite selection of gold and diamond jewellery. Mr. Xerxes Desai created the term Tanishq by fusing the terms “Tan,” which means body, and “Nishk,” which means a gold decoration. Tanishq’s first modern jewellery factory, complete with a suitable karigaar park, was established in Hosur, Tamil Nadu.

At Tanishq, our goal is to continuously provide excellence. We have revolutionized the way that jewellery is purchased and sold in India by introducing a brand-new benchmark for ethical business practises and product dependability. The company has gained the hearts of customers with inventions like the Karatmeter, which measures the purity of gold. Our ongoing goal is to ensure that the gold, diamonds, and other precious stones we utilize to create our jewellery remain of the finest caliber. We do thorough quality controls and only purchase our diamonds ethically from reputable, certified, and well-known vendors. At Tanishq, we also take great satisfaction in providing an unmatched shopping experience that is tailored to each individual customer’s requirements and interests.


Regarding the products on our website, security, and customer support, Titan is dedicated to guaranteeing complete client pleasure.

You do have the option to return the order, though, if you’re not satisfied with the item.

NOTE: We do not presently accept returns or exchanges for our items for orders placed from abroad, with the exception of situations in which a defective product is delivered. For a refund, you must return the defective item, unused, in its original packaging, and in the same condition as when you received it.

You must also include the invoice. For Tanishq products, you must report any defects within 7 days of delivery, and for Mia products, you must do so within 30 days.

You can do this by writing to us or by phoning 1800-266-0123.

For domestic orders only, there is a 7-day return policy for Tanishq items and a 30-day return policy for Mia products.

If, in the improbable event that the item is delivered damaged or in any other way, you can return the product in its original packing, unused, and in the same condition that you received it in order to receive a refund.

The order will be picked up by our courier partner from the address you have provided and returned to us.

How to start the Refund process

  1. For Tanishq products, customers should get in touch with Titan customer service by calling 1800-266-0123 or sending an email to ecommsupport@titan.co.in within 7 days of receiving the product, and for Mia products, within 30 days.
  2. Clients must not to return the merchandise prior to obtaining an email confirmation from us regarding the same.
  3. All merchandise needs to be returned unused, undamaged, and in its original state.
  4. Enclose the guarantee card and invoice in the package for the return procedure.
  5. Returns won’t be handled if the aforementioned isn’t provided.
  6. An orange lock will be included inside the jewellery box for jewellery products in order to facilitate returns. The jewellery item must be returned by the customer in its original packaging, with the box secured with an orange lock. Our shipping agent will not accept returns if the aforementioned requirements are not met.
  7. In case of jewellery product, our customer care will call the customer for confirmation on the serial number of the orange lock provided with the jewellery box. Return process for jewellery products cannot be initiated without confirmation of the lock serial number.


As soon as we receive the product, we will handle the refund. A refund might not be possible if the goods is not in unused condition and is not in its original packing with its original tags and invoice.

Once the refund process has begun, the money will be returned to your account immediately either by check (which will only be used to return money if the customer’s debit or credit card was not in use when they placed the order) or by the same method used for the transaction.

When a consumer pays online, their money is reimbursed 7–15 business days after our warehouse receives the returned item or products.

Domestic Order:

  • A complete refund will be given in the event that the product is sent within the borders of India.
  • When a consumer pays online, their money is reimbursed 7–15 business days after our warehouse receives the returned item or products.
  • If the consumer pays in cash for the product after it is delivered, or if the order is COD (Cash on Delivery), they can receive their refund via NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer) or check.

The refund method is determined by the customer’s preference:

The refund can be processed within 7 to 15 business days if the consumer returns the merchandise with a cancelled check. The money will be transferred via an online NEFT transfer and credited to the customer’s account.

In the event that the client fails to produce a cancelled check, the amount will be reimbursed via check delivered by courier to the address the customer gave when registering or placing the order. Up to thirty working days could pass.

International Order:

At this time, we do not offer a return policy for purchases placed internationally. However, Titan will only reimburse the customer for the amount in the two situations listed below, at Titan’s exclusive discretion:

  • Only defective products may be returned to us, and we will then issue a refund. But the reimbursement procedure won’t start until after the inspection and until our QA (quality assurance) staff gives the all-clear. We won’t charge you for shipping (to and from) when we refund you for the defective items.
  • When a customer’s unavailability prevents our logistic partner from delivering the merchandise, even after several attempts, we shall issue a refund. However, we will deduct all of our expenses, such as shipping costs to and from, customs fees, and other taxes, from the amount paid before issuing the refund.