NSDL Refund & Exchange Policy


The Ministry of Finance, Government of India, oversees National Securities repository Limited (NSDL), a central securities repository with its headquarters located in Mumbai. The Depositories Act, passed in August 1996, made it possible for NSDL to be established. It was the first nationwide electronic securities depository in India when it opened for business in 1996. By releasing a policy on online payments and refunds, NSDL PAAM hopes to uphold its long-standing values of transparency, reliability, and honesty without imposing any constraints.

Every NSDL PAAM employee and affiliate who works with information and/or information systems must participate in and support effective service and monitoring. Each employee has an obligation to be aware of these rules and to behave in accordance with them.

The Policy’s Purpose

This policy’s goal is to make it easier for our business partners to send money online in order to prevent latency or service delays. These services are intended to improve our clients’, investors’, and individuals’ online payment transactions.

Policy’s Scope

Employees, clients, investors, subbrokers, and other business associates of NSDL PAAM are covered by this policy. This policy also covers all business operations carried out via the NSDL PAAM website.

The following terms apply to all payments: NSDL PAAM does not sell any things; as a result, it only offers services; refunds for goods are nonexistent. In the case that a transaction is unsuccessful, the user or their card account will receive a credit or refund in accordance with the payment gateway’s standards. The website must inform the user of the payment gateway being utilized throughout any transaction.

The fund transfer service descriptions are tailored to your personal requirements upon logging in with your password. Usually, payment must be made in advance, that is, prior to the start of the activity. The listed prices are all in Indian Rupees. Normally, your money takes two working days to reach the NSDL PAAM account that you are funding.

We cannot be held responsible for payments that do not reach the NSDL PAAM account because the user provided an erroneous account number or inaccurate personal information. We further disclaim any obligation in the event that the credit/debit card provider declines or refuses payment for any reason.

NSDL PAAM is under no duty to notify you if the card supplier refuses to accept payment. Make sure your bank, credit card company, or debit card provider is aware that money has been taken out of your account.


The money sent online in exchange for an obligation is not refundable. In addition to the sum, any applicable service charges and taxes paid online are likewise non-refundable. The user will not be entitled to a refund of the money paid, including the amount paid plus any relevant taxes and service fees, if they do not use the transferred funds for the intended purpose.

Only the debit or credit card used for the initial transaction will be refunded, if appropriate, at the management’s discretion.

Policy for Refunds in the Event of a Failed Payment Transaction

The amount, along with any applicable service fees and taxes, is deducted from the linked account during the online payment process; however, the payment status is not successfully updated at NSDL PAAM, so this payment transaction is referred as Broken Payment Transaction

A portion of the appropriate service charges and taxes included in the amount paid are non-refundable, however the payment debited against the Broken Payment Transaction is refundable. The Bank would follow RBI norms in returning the refundable amount related to the failed payment transaction.