Noise Return, Refund & Exchange Policy


Every one of us has a burning desire that drives us to pursue our aspirations. This desire is known as the noise within. This inner chatter is what inspired Amit and Gaurav Khatri to launch their own business in 2014.

As a result of the smartphone revolution and the fact that most people’s lives revolve around their phones, Noise first sold smartphone cases. However, Amit & Gaurav saw that smartphone accessories would be the upcoming big thing in India. Noise expanded into wireless headphones and smart devices. One of the first companies in India to sell fully wireless earphones was Noise with its Noise SHOTS model. Noise gives young Indian consumers access to the newest personal technology items at an affordable price.


Noise does not provide a return policy after the consumer receives and opens the merchandise.

Within seven days after the order delivery, a replacement request can be made if a product has a technical problem. The customer will receive a brand-new replacement. This will be given following a physical inspection of the product; if no problems are discovered, the same unit will be shipped.

The product is replaced with one in similar condition after testing if a ticket is raised after seven days of delivery and within the warranty period.

If the product (colour/variant) is out of stock when it needs to be replaced during the warranty, a comparable replacement will be provided, and the warranty will run from the day the original product was purchased.

Products arrived damaged, Products received incorrectly, or missing accessories:

Within 24 business hours of delivery, please file a complaint if your item is damaged, incorrect, or missing any accessories.

You can send us an email at or visit To complete the replacement or start the refund procedure, we will want a few pictures of the product along with your order ID.

Note: Please decline to accept the order if the packing appears to have been tampered with or damaged when it was delivered.

Note on incorrect product received: The product will be deemed incorrect if it differs significantly. Refunds or replacements will never be given for defect-free products based on appearance, feel, or slight variations in color, tone, or sound quality.

Noise Warranty Guidelines/Policy

The one-year warranty for noise goods and the three-month warranty for noise accessories, respectively, cover technical problems only—physical damages are not covered. For the duration of the warranty period starting on the date of purchase, free door-to-door services are offered.

Regardless of the sales channel, an invoice serving as proof of purchase must be provided in order to receive warranty services. If the invoice is not submitted, Noise reserves the right to refuse to deliver services.

We will make arrangements to pick up the device from your address for repair or replacement if the problem cannot be handled over the phone or via email. If there are no reverse pick-up options available where you live, Noise will ask you to send the merchandise yourself to our warehouse and provide the tracking information to our customer support staff. When a consumer ships the product themselves, they are responsible for the associated costs. If you self-ship your item to us, Noise will not be held liable for any loss or damage that occurs during transportation.

Noise will not pay for any claims or liabilities relating to skin allergies or rashes that result from using Noise products, including consequential or resulting liability, injuries, loss of any kind of personal data, or damage or loss to property or life that arises directly or indirectly from any defects in Noise products.

Although Noise will try our best to complete the repair as soon as possible, we would like to be very clear that we are not obligated to do so within a certain amount of time.

Any of the following situations restrict the use of the Noise Warranty:

If the product is harmed by a customer, is repaired by an unauthorized party, is misused, is attacked or injured by household pests, pets, or rats, is accidentally or incidentally damaged, has liquid spilled on it, or is exposed to extremely high or low temperatures. Additionally, normal wear and tear on the gadget will not be covered by the guarantee.

Even if the device is not used for any reason throughout the warranty period, this warranty will automatically expire on the end of the 12-month warranty period (as verified by proof of purchase).


If you would want to cancel your order before it is shipped, please contact our customer service department at 02268056040, or use the my account area after logging in.

Product delivery that is delayed

You have the option to cancel the order if it is not delivered within the allotted time frame. We’ll reimburse the full money within the next 14 days. Noise assumes no liability for refund processing delays resulting from bank holidays, natural disasters, or other events. Refunds for orders canceled prior to shipment will be issued within 7–10 business days.