Byjus Refund Policy


Indian global educational technology business, stylized as BYJU’S , Bangalore is home to the corporate headquarters of Byju’s. In Divya Gokulnath and Byju Raveendran launched it in 2011.The company released The Learning App, Byju’s, in August 2015. Both the Byju Parent Connect app and the Byju Math app for kids were released in 2017. Byju’s became the first edtech unicorn in India that same year.


1.In the event that you decide to return or cancel the Limited Offer Product(s):

a) You are entitled to a complete refund within 14 days from the Delivery date, Activation date, or Orientation date. The device fee (if applicable) and study material fee included on the invoice will not be refunded.

b) Refund requests cannot be processed after 14 days following the Delivery, Activation, or Orientation dates.

2. You will not be eligible for any refunds of any kind for any Limited Offer Product(s) that you purchase in the following circumstances:

a) If the cancellation or return request is made more than 14 days following the delivery, activation, or orientation date (see the appendix).

b) Should the Limited Offer Product(s)’s Terms of Use be found to have been broken, your access to or subscription to the Limited Offer Product(s) will be terminated. In this case, BYJU’S ruling is final and enforceable.

3. We shall not be required to reimburse you for any portion of the services you have already paid for if we are forced to cease the Limited Offer Product(s) because of a force majeure event (such as acts of God, governmental limitations, or other circumstances outside of our control). Additionally, we disclaim any obligation to supply any new services in place of the previously cancelled services.

4. The Limited Offer Product(s) are not eligible for any other refund policy that may be posted on our website or in any other location. All other BYJU’S products and services that aren’t listed in the annexures are subject to other refund policies and terms of use, which will determine how refunds are handled for those items.

5. Method of Refund: All applicable refunds must be made via online transfer to the original source account in Indian Rupees only. This must happen: a) within a reasonable 28 days of the date on which you receive a written confirmation from our end confirming the cancellation. The amount of the appropriate refund will never be more than what you paid for your item. If you purchased the Limited Offer Product(s) from us and used credit or financing, your refund will be handled in accordance with your lender or financing partner.

6. In order to complete the applicable refund, you will need to supply additional bank account information if the payment method or account used to make the initial payment is inactive or does not allow refunds. If you provide erroneous information, we won’t be held accountable or responsible for crediting the refund money to the incorrect account. In order for us to transfer the refund to another bank account, you will need to provide a declaration in the format and style that we may provide.

7. Please email us at if you have not received your refund within the previously specified 14-day window.

8. The services that we are required to offer from the date of cancellation until the service(s) are exhausted or expire will be deemed as services not performed due to the cancellation of the service(s) you obtained under the Limited Offer Product(s). As a result, in the event that you return or cancel a product or service, we will provide you with a GST credit note; if the withdrawal and issuance occur later than permitted by applicable legislation, we may not be able to give one. If you request a commercial credit note and the cancellation request is submitted after the deadline, we will honor your request. For the same, you might have to provide a declaration in the style and format that we specify.

9. We reserve the right, at any time and without previous notice to you, to change or replace this Policy as we see fit.

10. By signing this contract, you attest that you have read, comprehended, and accept the terms stated here.

11. In addition, you agree not to contest the terms of the refund offered by Think & Learn Pvt. Ltd. or bring up any issues that are not covered by this agreement.

Delivery Date

The date of delivery of the Limited Offer Product(s) device to the customer.

Activation Date

The date on which Limited Offer Product(s) must be activated online (applies to offerings sans device)

Free Look up period

The time frame during which the money paid for the Limited Offer Product(s) is refunded. Under no circumstances is the device fee refunded.

Orientation Date

The day that the BTC centre offers the orientation for the limited offer product or products.


Short-term classes lasting 90 days or less are not eligible for this refund policy.

1. The App Learning Program at ByJU
2.Aakash BYJU’S Tab for Foundation: Suitable for NEET/JEE/NEET+JEE, Classes 9 to 12.
3.BYJU’S Courses: Classes 4 to 10
4.Aakash BYJU’S Foundation Live: Online Courses for NEET/JEE/JEE+NEET, Classes 8–12
5.Disney BYJU’S Early Learn – Kindergarten to 3rd grade
6.Aakash BYJU’S Tab – for 11th and 12th Classes, JEE/EET/NEET+JEE
7. BTC
8.Aakash BYJU’S Live: Online Classes for Class 11 and 12, NEET/JEE/JEE + NEET


Example: A two-year BYJU’S program that offers devices

Delivery date: The day the buyer receives their limited-time offering device

Free look-up period: 14 days after delivery, the device amount is not refundable.

Fee componentAfter the date of delivery, up to 14 days14 days later
Learning Device: 12,000No RefundNo Refund
Course Cost: 41,000Rs.41,000No Refund
The customer has paid a total of Rs. 53,000 (learning device + course fee).
Total RefundRs.41,000No Refund


Example: Two-year BYJU’S program with no device offering.

Activation Date: The day the online activation is completed.

Free Lookup Period: 14 days following the date of activation.

Fee componentAfter the date of delivery, up to 14 days14 days later
Course Cost: 41,000Rs.40,000No Refund
The customer has paid a total of Rs. 40,000
Total RefundRs.40,000No Refund


Example: The delivery date for a 2-year BTC program with a gadget offering.

Delivery date: The day the consumer receives their device as part of a limited-time offer.

Date of Orientation: The date of the BTC center’s orientation for the Limited Offer Product(s).

Free Look up period: 14 days following the delivery date, whichever comes first, is the free look-up time. The device charge is non-refundable.

Fee componentAfter the date of delivery, up to 14 days or orientation date whichever is later14 days later
Learning Device: 12,000No RefundNo Refund
Course Cost: 41,000Rs.41,000No Refund
The customer has paid a total of Rs. 53,000 (learning device + course fee).
Total RefundRs.41,000No Refund


Example: a two-year K10 BTC program with no device offered; October 2, 2023 is the orientation day.

Date of Orientation: The date of the BTC center’s orientation for the Limited Offer Product(s).

Free look-up period: 14 days after the orientation date.

Fee componentAfter the date of Orientation, up to 14 days14 days later
Course Cost: 55,000Rs.55,000No Refund
The customer has paid a total of Rs.55,000
Total RefundRs.55,000No Refund

Customer Responsibility:

Customers who wish to terminate their DoC Subscription must phone 9243500459/8971940111 or send an email to with the reason for the cancellation.