Qatar Airways Return & Refund Policy


Up until May 2002, when it withdrew, the State of Qatar, Oman, the UAE (but only the Emirate of Abu Dhabi), and the Kingdom of Bahrain were joint owners of Gulf Air. Though it stayed a member of the airline for six months after the government declared its complete withdrawal, it became the first nation among the three to leave the airline in order to concentrate entirely on its own airline, Qatar Airways.


Before Departure

If the fare is refundable, the entire amount paid for a fully unused ticket will be returned, including tax(es), after any applicable cancellation fees are subtracted.

After Departure

for tickets that allow for post-departure refunds.

When a ticket is partially used, the refund will be the difference between the price paid and the applicable OW rate for the journey between the locations where the ticket was used, less any cancellation fees. Deduct the next available OW in higher RBD for which the travel has been completed if the one-way fare is not available or is not listed in the inventory stated on the ticket.

Filing Process

In the event that a published OW is not found on the same RBD, ATPCO CAT-33 is coded with a booking class mapping to determine the next available OW for the purpose of automatically computing the refund under ATC transactions. Station Pricing must notify the Fare Distribution Team of any changes to the current OW structure (such as publishing new OWs in lower RBDs or withdrawing OWs from the existing structure) in order to guarantee proper CAT-33 coding, which must also be verified at the time of publishing fares.
i) The base fare paid is still non-refundable if the applicable OW fare + cancellation fees beyond the actual base fare collected for the travel. In such cases, all unused coupons flown based tax (es), excluding YQ/YR, would be refunded.

General Conditions for Cancellation and Refund Scenarios

  • No portion of the fare plus YQ/YR will be recoverable if the fare is non-refundable.
  • When an adult, child, or infant occupies a seat, there is a charge. Infants who do not occupy a seat shall not be subject to charges (including No-Show charges). This suggests that minors and babies who occupy a seat will be subject to the same change and cancellation fees as adult passengers.
  • Modification / Absence The tax field fee received under XP will continue to be non-refundable.
  • One fee will be assessed in the event of a no-show. whichever is greater, a no-show or cancellation fee.
  • Please see the no-show definition for examples of no-show situations.
  • The most stringent regulations will be in effect when a ticket is issued using a combination of at least two fare bases (for example, promotional pricing coupled with Flexi tickets).
  • In the event that a traveler’s passport, visa, or other valid travel credentials were not presented at the time of check-in, all relevant cancellation and no-show fees ought to be reimbursed.
  • If the claim is submitted after the ticket’s validity has expired, a refund will not be granted.
  • When a ticket is eventually submitted for cancellation after being reissued or exchanged several times, the highest cancellation fee or non-refundable amount from all of the reissued or exchanged fares will be charged.

Conditions for Non-Refundable Fares:

No portion of the fare + YQ/YR will be reimbursed for non-refundable fares. If YQ & YR must be refunded in accordance with the regulatory requirements of the local government, supporting documentation must be submitted for pricing approvals, and the fare regulation and coding must indicate that YQ / YR is refundable.
Unused coupons for flights with flown-based taxes are refundable if a ticket is issued with non-refundable fare(s).

The base fare of the original non-refundable ticket remains non-refundable even if the non-refundable fare is reissued as a refundable fare, YQ / YR.

For the following reasons, passengers with confirmed QR tickets might not be able to board flights:

When a passenger’s QR flight is delayed, they choose not to use the option that QR offers and instead book a different flight on their ownNot managing a flight appropriately in accordance with the schedule and aircraft modifications.

A proper medical certificate must be supplied if the passenger or a Near Relative (please refer to QR conditions of carriage for applicability) has a terminal illness before the flight departs.

Inability to conduct a flight as a result of exceptional circumstances or occurrences falling under the category of an Act of God or Force Majeure.These circumstances encompass a variety of situations, such as flooding, severe weather, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, war, political turmoil, strikes, riots, etc. There will be a QR Commercial Policy that will address exceptional events and circumstances and act as the foundation for approving refunds.

 Some clients might not be able to enter Doha with a visa. Customers of Qatar Airways may be denied a visa by the immigration authorities in Qatar.

“Blacklisted” passengers are prohibited from traveling on QR flights. In these situations, the passenger’s ticket is stopped and their other expenses are reimbursed.

Upon verification, no-show fees shall not be assessed in cases when your passenger’s flight cancellation is due to QR’s error.

If a ticket is totally unused, the refund period is 12 months from the date of issue; if it is partially used, it is 12 months from the date of the first uplift.

Tickets that are more than a year old may only be refunded under the following circumstances:

1) Local legislation / regulatory requirements: Local station finance is entitled to handle the refund in such instances without requiring further approval, provided that local regulatory requirements take precedence over the Qatar Airways Ticket Refund Policy.

 2) Death-related refund: Following the verification of appropriate evidence (death certificate, copy, etc.), the legal heirs of the dead will receive their money back.
Requests for refunds should be coordinated with the Qatar Airways office in your area.