Flipkart Return, Refund & Exchange Policy


CategoryReturn Policy
Furniture, Home: Pet Supplies & Rest of Home.10 Days Refund or Replacement
Lifestyle: (Jewellery, Footwear Accessories, Dresses Accessories, Travel Accessories, Watch Accessories, etc..10 Days Refund or Replacement
Medicine2 Days Refund
Home: Home Improvement Tools, Household Items, Home décor, Furnishing7 Days Refund or Replacement
Books (All books), Sports Equipments (Racquet, ball, support, gloves, bags etc.), Exercise & Fitness Equipments (Home Gym combos, dumbbell etc.), Auto Accessories – Car and Bike accessories (helmets, car kit, media players etc.)7 Days Replacement Only
Toys, Stationary, Musical Instruments7 Days Replacement Only
All Mobiles (except Apple, Google, Motorola, Infinix, Redmi, MI, Vivo, POCO, Realme, Samsung phones), Electronics – (except Apple / Beats, Google, Realme, Samsung, JBL& Infinity, Epson, HP, Dell, Canon, MI, Dizo Products (Tablets, Laptops, Smart Watches), All Small Home Appliances (Except Chimney, Water Purifier, Fan, Geyser), Furniture7 Days Replacement Only
Mobile – Apple, Google, Motorola, Infinix, Redmi, MI, Vivo, POCO, Realme, Samsung phones  Electronics – Apple / Beats, Google, Realme, Samsung, JBL& Infinity, Epson, HP, Dell, Canon, MI, Dizo Products7 Days Service Center Replacement/Repair only
Furniture, Large appliances 10 Days Replacement Only


If you have any doubt from Return Policy Related, please contact the below numbers.

Customer service      : 044 – 4561 4700

Cancellation Policy

  • Prior to the order being shipped, the customer has the option to cancel it at any moment. Once the order is scheduled for delivery, it cannot be canceled. At the door, the consumer has the option to refuse it, though.
  • various categories have various cancellation windows, and once the allotted time has expired, there is no way to cancel the order.
  • In certain circumstances, the customer might not be able to cancel the order for free after the allotted time; in that instance, a cancellation fee would be assessed. The information regarding the time window stated on the order confirmation page or product page shall be deemed final.
  • If the vendor needs to cancel because of unavoidable circumstances, pre-paid orders will receive a complete refund.
  • Order cancellations are subject to acceptance by Flipkart. Additionally, Flipkart has the right to occasionally waive or change the cancellation charge or time window.

Returns Policy

Returns is a program offered by the individual sellers under this policy, whereby the sellers will provide you the choice of an exchange, a replacement, or a refund. It’s possible that not every product in a given category has the same return policy. The replacement/returns policy listed on the product page will take precedence over the general policy for all products. For any deviations to this returns policy and the table below, please refer to the corresponding return/replacement policy for the relevant item on the product page.

There are three sections to the return policy. Please go through each one carefully to understand the terms and circumstances that apply to accepted returns.

General Returns Policy

  • A refund will be provided in the unlikely event that the seller is unable to process a replacement for any reason.
  • If a product accessory is discovered to be missing, broken, or defective, the seller may, at their choice, arrange for a replacement accessory or issue an eGV for the accessory’s purchase price.
  • If you receive a damaged or different goods during open box deliveries, you will receive a refund (for cash-on-delivery orders, you will receive an immediate refund). Except in cases of manufacturing flaws, no requests for returns will be handled after you have accepted an open box delivery. These general conditions for replacement/return that are particular to a given category will apply in such circumstances.
  • Do not open the product packing by yourself if Flipkart’s service partners are providing installation for the product. Authorized Flipkart staff will assist with product installation and unboxing.
  • Any product-related problems with furniture will be examined by certified service professionals (at no additional cost) and attempts will be made to fix the problem by changing the product’s flawed or malfunctioning component. Only in the event that the service staff determines that replacing the problematic or defective item will not fix the problem will a full replacement be offered.