Myntra Return, Refund & Exchange Policy


You can return or exchange products you’ve bought on Myntra for any reason during the allotted return/exchange period (see the product details page for details). This is made possible by Myntra’s return and exchange policy. Please feel free to try on any item, but all we ask is that it be kept undamaged and in its original packing, together with the tags. If the item comes with a seal tag, make sure it stays attached and intact to the product to save trouble if you need to return or exchange it.

To Return an Item to Myntra, Kindly take the following Actions:

Except for our non-returnable products and high-value items, which can only be returned for a certain number of days, you can return items purchased from Myntra within the allotted return/exchange term (see the product details page for the exact time).

Step 1: Make a ‘Return Request’ on the App/Website/M-site’s “My Orders” section. After you press the “Return” button, pay attention to the screens that appear. Kindly remember the Return ID that we produce at the conclusion of the procedure. Depending on the return mode, keep the item ready for pickup or ship it to us.

Step 2: We provide pick-up services in a few places based on the availability of our couriers.

Step 3: Should reverse pick-up not be an option for you where you live, you can send the item to us on your own.

Pick-up: Should you choose to arrange for a pick-up, kindly package the item; it needs to be unused, unwashed, and with all of the tags still on.To speed up the return pickup, keep the packet prepared and open. When the goods is picked up, our staff may first inspect it, and at our returns desk, they will perform a final quality check.

Self-ship: Please send the item yourself to our Returns desk if your region Pincode isn’t suitable for “Pick-up” mode. Kindly make sure the goods is packaged with care, keeping all the tags on and it being unused and unwashed. Please include a sheet of paper with the Order No. and Return ID inside the packet as well. Please send the package to the Returns desk address that is closest to you. The Returns desk addresses are provided in a separate part of this website.

As soon as the package arrives at our warehouse, you will receive an email from us confirming receipt. You can check the progress of your return request on the app, website, or mobile site at any time.


If you have any doubt from Return Policy Related, please contact the below numbers.

Customer service      : 080 6156 1999

This Policy is subject to the following RULES and EXCEPTIONS:

  • Exchanges and returns are not accepted for Swarovski, precious jewelry, Ray-Bans, socks, briefs, shapewear bottoms, swimwear, mittens, wrist-bands, or any lingerie sets that include a brief.
  • Fine jewelry, watches, and certain products that are prone to damage are among the items that have a time limit on how long they can be returned or exchanged. Certain items, like as sherwanis, are only returnable for exchange. To find out how many days after delivery a product can be returned or exchanged, please see the Product Detail Page.
  • We handle returns for some innerwear, sleepwear, and lingerie goods differently because of their intimate nature. Such items can only be returned by self-ship; hence, pickup service is not possible. Furthermore, these products are non-refundable.
  • For a return or exchange to be accepted, every item must be undamaged, in its original packaging, and with all tags still attached (shoes, for example, must be packaged in their original shoe box).
  • Only pincodes that can be serviced by an exchange are accepted for exchange.
  • You can only exchange one item at a time, and you cannot exchange an item for more than one thing. While the consumer can initiate individual exchange requests for each item in order to exchange many items at once.
  • Myntra retains the right, at its sole discretion, to prohibit customers from exchanging items they have purchased from Myntra if they violate or abuse this policy in any way.Should you decide to return both the primary item and any free gift or offer that came with your purchase, you will also need to return the free product.
  • No exchanges are accepted for non-returnable items or categories.
  • Exchanged orders are not subject to the Platform Handling Fee (as described in the “Terms of Use” section).
  • In the event that a client violates or abuses this policy in any way, Myntra retains the right, in its sole discretion, to prohibit exchanges of items purchased on Myntra.Should you decide to return both the primary item and any free gift or offer that came with your purchase, you will also need to return the free product.
  • If a product is mistakenly returned, Myntra will not be held responsible. In the event that an additional or different goods is unintentionally returned, Myntra shall not be liable for the product’s loss, replacement, or transportation back to the User.
  • Please package the items securely to avoid any loss or damage during transportation if you choose to self-ship your returns. We advise using a reputable courier service for any self-shipped returns.
  • If you want to self-ship your returns, we will pay your shipping expenses as long as your return complies with our Returns and Exchange Policy and you provide us with a picture of the courier receipt that we have verified. Refunds for self-ship returns won’t start rolling in until the returned goods pass the warehouse’s quality inspection. Should the quality check be unsuccessful, you will receive a reshipped item.

General Returns Policy

You can return the item to us in two ways:

Pick up: We provide a free pick-up service for the most part. When you file a return request, you will be presented with a pickup choice.

Self-Ship: Should we decline our offer to pick you up at your place. When this occurs, we will reimburse the delivery expenses as Myntra credits as long as the merchandise satisfies the return guidelines and you have sent us a scanned copy of the courier receipt.

Our delivery representative may inspect the return for quality during Pick Up. We will start a doorstep reimbursement for the return amount in the refund mode you chose when you started the return request if the pick-up goes well. Some pin codes may not be eligible for this doorstep refund; in that instance, the refund will be processed once the product has been received at our warehouse and approved by a quality check. We will mail the picked-up merchandise back to you if it fails the quality inspection. Should you decide to exchange the item due to a size mismatch or receiving a damaged item, you will receive a replacement item at no additional cost.

All exchanges, however, are contingent to stock availability and the suitability of your address for an exchange. Our delivery representative will pick up the original item from you and bring the new item to you if you decide to exchange it. Please be aware that, provided your address can be serviced for an exchange, we give you the option to swap any things you buy on Myntra for other items of the same or different value or for the same or other sizes of the same style within the allotted exchange period.

Exchange Policy

  • You will receive a replacement item at no additional cost if you decide to swap the item you bought on Myntra for a different size or the same style within the allotted exchange time.
  • Should you decide to swap a product you bought from Myntra for another item of the same or a different value. In this scenario, you will be charged the difference if the swapped item has a higher value, and you will receive your refund if the exchanged item has a lesser value after the original item is successfully picked up from you.
  • For the purpose of calculating the difference between the original and exchanged item’s amounts, the net amount paid by you (not including immediate cashback or discounts) will be taken into account. This amount will either be recoverable by Myntra or payable by you in the event of an exchange.
  • After the original item is successfully picked up from you, the applicable refund will be initiated for the exchange.