Croma Return, Refund & Exchange policy


Infiniti Retail, a division of Tata Digital, operates the consumer electronics and durables retail chain Croma in India. Across 550+ companies, Croma sells approximately 16,000 products through its outlets, which are dispersed throughout several major Indian cities.

Together with its web presence, Croma has greatly expanded its footprint, now operating more than 400 storefronts in more than 130 Indian cities.


  • Only in the event that the product is defective, arrives damaged, has any missing components or accessories, or differs from what was described on the product detail page on, is it returnable within the relevant return window specified on the product detail page.
  • Unless the product information page specifies otherwise, customers may seek a replacement.
  • Before providing a replacement in the event that the product is received damaged or with any missing parts or accessories, the Croma team will get in touch with the customer to verify the specifics of the damage, missing parts, or accessories.
  • The Croma team will set up a pick-up from the customer’s registered location and carry out the requested replacement in cases where the product received differs from the description listed on the product detail page.
  • In the event that the product is received defective, the following criteria will be used to determine the resolution:
  • The resolution for smartphones, tablets, cameras, accessories, kitchenware, and wellness goods will be given based on the report from the brand technician.
  • The Croma crew will assist customers with PCs and laptops and connect them to the brand for online troubleshooting. Based on the report from the brand technician, a resolution will be given.
  • The Croma team will arrange for the technician to visit the customer at their registered location for major appliances and goods that qualify for home service. A resolution will be offered depending on the technician’s report.
  • Replacements will only be handled in the following circumstances:
    • The product was undamaged during the customer’s ownership.
    • The merchandise is identical to what was shipped when it was first delivered.
    • The item is returned in its original packaging, complete with the user guide, warranty card, brand/manufacturer box, user manual, and any in-box accessories.
  • The product will be fixed in accordance with the conditions of the brand guarantee if the relevant refund or return window has passed.
  • When completing a return or replacement for a digital product that has data storage capabilities, the customer is responsible for making sure that all personally identifiable information has been deleted from the device. In the event that such information is lost, misused, or used improperly, Croma will not be held accountable.
  • If the buyer changes their mind or orders the wrong product, model, or color, the merchandise will not be accepted back.
  • If the product information page states that the item is “Non-Returnable or Non-Replaceable,” it will not be accepted for return or replacement.
  • Refunds are handled within two business days of Croma receiving the product. The refund window that applies may differ, ranging from 7 to 8 business days, contingent upon the payment method utilized during the transaction.
  • Free gifts are final sale and are not returnable or warranty backed in any way.
  • The return/replacement policy of Croma is applicable to purchases made through or Croma locations.
  • Products that the consumer picked up from the store and reported damage to   will not be accepted back or replaced.
  • For hygienic reasons, personal care goods are not returnable or replaceable.
  • Croma maintains the right, at any time and without previous notice, to alter, amend, or otherwise adjust the terms and conditions.
  • Any disagreement will fall within the sole jurisdiction of the Mumbai court.
  • GAN support in retail settings: For every carry-in goods that is accepted on GAN at the store, service facilitation fees are charged.


CategoriesNo.of days
Laptop7 days
tablet7 days
Desktop7 days
Cameras7 days
Cleaner with Vacuum7 days
OTG7 days
Water Fountain7 days
Appliance for the Kitchen7 days
Speaker Bluetooth7 days
Other Accessories7 days
Gas stove7 days
Electric chimney7 days
hob7 days
water purifier7 days
Built-in Microwave Oven7 days
Dishwasher7 days
Microwave7 days
Flour Mill7 days
Home Theater7 days
Speakers7 days
Refrigerators7 days
Air conditioning7 days
Washing Machine7 days
Dryer7 days
Geyser7 days
LED television7 days

Croma will not consider the product for return or replacement in the following cases

  • Buyer regrets, such as switching one’s mind or ordering the wrong model, product, or colour.
  • The product has been installed or is currently in use, and it functions in accordance with the brand-certified specifications.
  • The product’s IMEI or serial number is missing, or it has been tampered with.
  • The product has been moved from the primary delivery address that the customer registered for installation or demonstration.
  • After the applicable return window has passed, the product will be fixed in accordance with the conditions of the brand warranty.
  • The product is classified as software, printer cartridges, video games (CD/DVD), or any other consumable item.
  • The product does not perform or function as expected (e.g., heating or lagging issue). In these situations, the customer’s only option for inspecting the merchandise is to go to the closest Croma Store or the official brand service facility.
  • The consumer opens the main package of any large appliance product (such as a refrigerator, dishwasher, television, etc.) that needs to be demoed and installed. Only the Croma delivery associate or an approved installation partner may open the packing.
  • Any software-related problems are not eligible for replacement or refund.
  • If the product is not qualified for a replacement or refund as specified on the product description page, the Croma team will assist the customer and offer repair services in accordance with the conditions of the brand’s warranty.