Nike Return, Refund & Exchange Policy


First of all, remember that you have 60 days to return any merchandise to Nike. Accessories, apparel, and shoes are covered by this policy. Nike Apple Watches, clearance goods, and other items with clear instructions are the only things that aren’t covered by this 60-day guarantee.

Nike lets you return anything in-store or online. Both visitors and Nike+ Members can use this. One more benefit for Nike Members is that returns by mail are free. The cost of return shipping to Nike will be borne by everyone else.

Nike returns often take ten days to process, but depending on your credit card company, it may take longer. The business also provides online exchanges; however, in order to arrange an online exchange, you must contact customer service.

One thing to remember is that a lot of Nike merchandise is covered by warranties. Factory flaws and issues that the buyer did not cause are covered by these warranties. Nike offers a variety of warranties, some of which are longer than the standard 60-day return period.

If it’s an in-store return and the items are in brand-new condition, you can return them to Nike without a receipt.

Brand Narrative

The American athletic footwear and apparel company Nike, Inc. (stylized as NIKE) is based close to Beaverton, Oregon.It is the biggest manufacturer of sports equipment and the world’s largest provider of athletic shoes and clothing.

Method of Returns Nike Products:

You have three options for returning products under the Nike return policy. You have three options for returning them: as a visitor, as a special return for Nike Members, or to your neighbourhood Nike store.

Here’s how to return any kind of Nike products.

One thing to be aware of is that, with the exception of in-store returns, all returns require a phone call to Nike customer service in order to arrange an exchange.

Return to Nike Store:

Nike has physical locations and retail partners around the nation and even internationally. You can use the Nike shop in your neighbourhood for all of your exchanges and returns. This is the procedure’s flow.

  • Have your order barcode handy on your mobile device or print it out.
  • If you don’t have the order barcode, you can also have your order number handy.
  • Locate the Nike store in your area.
  • Proceed to the checkout or customer service.
  • After that, you can find what you want in the store by making an exchange or returning your purchases.

Return to Nike Member:

Nike Members are eligible for additional returns benefits. Nike Members are entitled to free returns. If you are a Nike member, you also have additional flexibility in selecting the return method of your choosing. This is how it operates.

  • Access your Nike Member account.
  • Navigate to the history of your orders.
  • Choose “View” or “Manage.”
  • Choose the items or order that you want to return, then click Start Return.
  • Provide a reason for the return.
  • Send in your refund.
  • Choose a QR code or UPS pickup shipping with labels.
  • Return the things you received.
  • Your withdrawal has been completed.

Return to Nike Guest:

You may still return things without a Nike Member account, but the procedure is a little different. The Nike store accepts returns for items without a Member account in the following ways.

  • Enter the order number and the email address you used to make the purchase to access your order.
  • Decide which things you want to return.
  • Provide a rationale for the return.
  • Send in your refund.
  • Return your merchandise to Nike safely.
  • Remember that free shipping is not offered on Nike guest returns. If you’re not a Nike Member, you will be responsible for covering the full cost of return postage for your purchases to Nike.


As it happens, the response to this query is really simple. According to Nike’s return policy, exchanges and returns are accepted even in the absence of a receipt. This is how it operates:

Nike purchases made in-app and online can be easily returned without a receipt. The receipt will be associated with your Nike account and is integrated with the order. This also applies to anyone who have a rewards card such as Nike Pass.

Without a receipt, in-store purchases can be returned for store credit. This is only true if they haven’t been worn or washed.

Only in-store Nike exchanges without receipts are possible. If your things are in brand-new condition, the store employee will assist you in exchanging them.

Whether or whether you are a Nike Member will determine this. Orders placed by Nike Members are always fully refundable. You can still receive a full refund for Nike guest orders, but there will be a return shipping cost that you will need to pay, which means some money will be lost.

By returning their merchandise to their neighborhood Nike store, Nike guest orders can avoid paying shipping fees.