Network Bus PNR Status

Step 1: Open the Network Travels website –

You will see the Home page of Network Travels website.

  • Save the Network bus website to your favorites for future convenience.
  • In order to prevent any problems throughout the process, make sure your internet connection is steady.

Step 2: Select ‘Manage Booking’ Option

  • You can see varies option on top of the home page. 
  • Then you select ‘Manage Booking’.

Step 3: Enter your Ticket Number & Mobile Number.

  • Put your Ticket number in the space designated for it.
  • Make sure you typed the proper Ticket number by checking again.
  • Enter your Registered Mobile Number.
  • Click on ‘Search’, then verify your Bus PNR Status.


  • Always double-check the Ticket number before clicking on ‘Submit’.
  • Enter the correct Registered Mobile Number.
  • Ensure you have a stable internet connection to avoid any interruptions during the process.
  • Bookmark the Network Travels website for easy access to their services.


If you have any doubt questions PNR Status Related, please contact the below numbers.

  • Customer Care Number    :  8403077666
  • Support Mail ID       
  • E-Payment related issues   :  080-46333629


Network Travels
Assam -781008.

Cancellation Policy

100% Cancellation Fees If You Cancel Less Than Three Hours Before the Station Departure Time.

10% Cancellation Fees between 3 to 24 hours of the station departure time.

10% Cancellation Fees for Cancellations Made 1 to 30 Days Ahead of Station Departure Time.

About Network Travels

The biggest bus company in Northeastern India and Assam is called Network Travels. The company was founded in 1992 with the goal of facilitating road connectivity to the most remote areas of the region, even via the most difficult terrain.

Our founder, Mr. Pradyumna Dutta, started his entrepreneurial career in 1981 when he and two partners founded Trans Assam Wheels, a pioneer in the transportation sector of Northeast India. At the time, the idea of night buses was still relatively new in Assam. Ten prosperous years later, Mr. P Dutta struck out on his own to launch Network Travels in 1992 with the goal of extending bus services throughout Northeast India.

The business has grown to include divisions for air tickets, transportation, tourism, and courier services under the name Network Travels. The first travel operator in Northeast India to receive recognition from the Indian government is Network Travels. With more than 140 coaches, our fleet is the biggest in Northeast India right now. The fleet includes both AC and non-AC seater coaches, with models ranging from super luxury seater-sleeper Bharat Benz coaches to deluxe seater coaches.

Our transport section specializes in moving cars throughout India and has a fleet of more than 80 car-carrier vehicles and trailers. Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. has designated Network Transport as its official and committed vehicle transport partner. We deliver automobiles to the approved depots of the MSIL factories in Gujarat and Haryana.

The ongoing goal of Network Travels is to make road travel easier by adding more routes and offering connectivity. In order to maximize comfort and safety, we constantly modify our cars and pay close attention to the needs of our passengers. For anyone who travels for business or pleasure or uses our services to transport items beyond the borders of Northeast India, Network Travels is now a household name.


  • Volvo,
  • Volvo Sleeper,
  • Sleeper,
  • AC Sleeper,
  • AC Seater.

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