Meesho Return, Refund & Exchange policy


The program offered by different sellers on “Meesho’s” website, which can be accessed at, or the mobile application under the brand name “Meesho” (collectively, “Platform”), with regard to particular products, is Returns, Refunds, and Exchanges. Subject to the terms and conditions outlined in this Policy and/or any other policies that may occasionally apply, you may return or exchange items that you have purchased on the Platform within the specified return/exchange period, as indicated on the product details page.


You will be sent to the product description page when making any purchases made on the Platform, where the return policy for the item will be specified. Products that are clearly marked as “not returnable” on the product detail page are not returnable, however products that are marked as “returnable” may be returned under the guidelines outlined in this policy and on the product description page. At its sole discretion, the Platform may refuse to accept returns of any goods for a variety of reasons, such as products that are being sold in conjunction with a promotion, offer, or discount, products that are not in good condition, etc.

If You have: (a) not followed the procedure for initiating returns as outlined in this Policy and in other communications to You, (b) returned shipments containing the incorrect product, extra product, or missing products, or (c) behaved dishonestly or fraudulently, Meesho will not be responsible for accepting returns. Additionally, in the event that the Platform is abused or its policies are violated—for example, if there are frequent returns, a high claim percentage, or shipments are refused—a hint of fraudulent or suspicious activity or behavior on the Platform, or an association with such activity or behavior—including when it comes to your user metrics like return rate, claim rate, etc.,

Products that are marked as “non-returnable” on the product display page may be exchanged, provided that the platform’s applicable policies are followed. If a product description page states that the only accessible exchange is for exchanges, the user may select the “call me back” option. Meesho will then authorize returns for that user if it determines that the return was made for valid reasons.

Meesho offers two return choices for certain products: (a) Wrong/defective item return option and (b) All return option in the event that a product lacks the aforementioned return alternatives, the product’s return option as listed on the product description page will take effect.

All return options are as Follows:

If a product is returnable and has already been purchased, the user will be able to return it.

The user may return the particular goods for any cause other than damage or error on the part of the manufacturer.

Only a limited number of products may be eligible for the all return option; not all products that are featured on the Platform may qualify.

Wrong/defective options are as Follows:

If a product is returnable or exchangeable, the user will be able to return it after purchasing it.

The product may only be returned by the user in the event that the seller is at fault and the item is incorrect, incomplete, damaged, or defective.

You may return the product for free, regardless of the reason, if you selected the all return option and are qualified to do so within the terms of the applicable policies.

Category of Return ReasonReason for Actual Return
Incorrect ItemIncorrect Size Received
The same item in a different colour
entirely different item from the one displayed
A defective ItemThe product is stained or unclean.
The product is damaged.
The item is torn.
Received an Incomplete ItemThere is a missing portion of the product.
Not as much as was ordered


After the goods has been delivered, you can verify if it is exchangeable or not in the “My Orders” part of the order details page. Subject to the relevant policies, you may exchange the product if it can be exchanged.

A product’s eligibility for exchange depends on a number of factors, at the Platform’s exclusive discretion, such as stock availability, addressability, seller rating, catalog quality metric, and so forth. Furthermore, the customer’s stated reason for the exchange will determine whether the merchandise is eligible for a return.

The customer has eligible for exchanged the product:

(a) quality issues with the product

(b) the customer is not interested in the product.

Meesho additionally reserves the right to refuse any exchanges made in the following cases:

(a) the product being returned is not the same one that was originally purchased.

(b) you have not followed the instructions for initiating returns in this Policy and other communications.

(c) in a dishonest or fraudulent manner. Furthermore, Meesho reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse to fulfil any trade that You initiate in the event that Platform Policies are abused.

The product description page specifies a return window within which the exchange request must be made.

If you replace a product, you will be responsible for paying the difference in cost if the new product costs more than the original product supplied; if the new product costs less, the difference in cost will be returned. If Meesho or the seller is unable to fulfill Your request for an exchange because the product is not available, Meesho will, at its sole discretion, convert Your exchange request to a return request, which will be governed by the terms and conditions of this policy.

Additionally, once a product has been switched, additional exchanges in the same order are not permitted.


Must be in its original packing, including with tags, warranty cards, and any accessories, as well as the brand or manufacturer’s box or packaging.

Must not sustain damage while in your care.

Must be unworn, clean, undamaged, stain-free, and, if applicable, have intact quality check Seals, return tags, and warranty seals.

Cannot be applied or changed.

Need to be the identical item that was shipped to you.

Must be exchanged or returned within the time frame allotted on the product detail page for returns.