AJIO Return, Refund & Exchange policy

Return Policy

You may file a request for a return of the product, subject to the category-specific terms outlined in Annexure A to this policy, in the following situations:

  • The product is damaged,
  • The product and shipping package have been damaged,
  • The product is not functional or has a flaw,
  • The product is of poor quality,
  • Parts of the product or accessory are missing,
  • The product ordered differs from what was ordered based on the product description provided on the Platforms,
  • You are dissatisfied with the quality of the product you have purchased because of fit, size, color, manufacturing defects, shrinkage in fabric, or color bleeding (each referred to as a “Non-Compliant Product”). You must make these requests for product returns for AJIO and AJIO Luxe in line with the guidelines in Annexure A of this policy (“Return Period”).

The User will have the ability to obtain a refund of the money they paid for the Product when submitting a return request on the Platforms. When submitting a request for a product return, the user will need to provide a copy of the original invoice. The User is responsible for making sure the products being returned meet all requirements outlined in this Policy, including being unused, unwashed, with price tags still on, and with all packaging materials undamaged and unused. Such returned item(s) shouldn’t have any body Odor, sweat, stains, or detergent residue on them.

In order to facilitate a successful return pick-up, you must maintain the Products in their unused, original condition together with the original invoice or sale receipt, brand outer box, MRP tags attached, user manual, warranty cards, and original accessories in manufacturer packaging. Subject to the conditions outlined in this Policy, we would accept the request for the return of such a product. We have the right to reject returned goods and deny reimbursement if we determine that they do not adhere to the requirements outlined in this policy.

Your return will only be accepted if all of the requirements listed in this policy are met at the time of the return of such products. These requirements include that the product be returned in its original packaging, with the price tag still attached, and that the non-compliant product’s outer packaging and all of its accessories remain intact. They also include that there be no damage or defects that have occurred to the product after it was delivered to you.


Except as specified in paragraph (m) below (“Non-Returnable Products”), Reliance will not accept requests for returns or refunds made for any of the following categories of products:

  • Beachwear
  • Deodorants & Fragrances
  • Fragrances at Home
  • Hair Maintenance
  • Inner Wear
  • Shaving
  • Taking Care of Your Skin
  • Money and idols
  • Cosmetics
  • Care & Beauty
  • Cell Phone & Accessory
  • Entertainment & Music
  • Electronics and Appliances
  • Device Attachments
  • Intelligent Apparel
  • Laundry and Bath
  • Gifting & Décor
  • Household Requirements
  • Dining & Kitchen
  • Appliances for Beauty
  • Some items in the Night & Loungewear category
  • Accessories for clothing such as handkerchiefs, masks, and gloves
  • Baby care, such as bathing, grooming, and diapering alone


It’s also a good idea to constantly check the Platforms’ Products display page for the return and exchange policies that apply to that particular product. If the product(s) you bought from us meet the requirements listed below, you may return it:

  • You haven’t worn, cleaned, laundered, or interfered with the product.
  • The brand tags, price tag, bar code, original packing material (including brand boxes and protective covering), and any associated accessories are all still in place and haven’t been tampered with, broken, or thrown away by you.
  • Reliance’s records and the product’s serial number, IMEI number, or bar code, if applicable, should match.
  • The product is returned with all of its accessories, including user manuals, earbuds, chargers, and other items, in original, undamaged condition.
  • Unless a vendor problem is demonstrated, the product is not changed.
  • If the electrical products that are being returned are not sealed in the poly jiffy bag that Reliance has given.
  • If the returned goods are damaged, altered, phony, or counterfeit in the case of valuable materials or accessories (such watches).
  • A return is being started using the same order and account, and the product’s serial number and bar code match those in our database.
  • The gifts that came with the purchased product have either not been returned or, if they were, they displayed wear, washing, or other defects.
  • There are no stains, dents, scratches, tears, offensive odors, perfumes, or other types of damage.
  • If the product(s) were purchased as a set, they must be exchanged as a whole set.
  • Items that are returned must be unused, unwashed, undamaged, and in sellable condition.
  • We are confident that the product has not been harmed, destroyed, or rendered useless.
  • The user has not violated any of the policy’s provisions.

If a product does not meet the above requirements, we reserve the right to refuse the request for a refund:

(i) If a User returns a Product without the original accessories, gifts, or other items that came  with it, or if it is not in sellable condition because it does not meet the requirements outlined, Reliance may, at its sole discretion, refuse to accept the return of the Product.

(ii) refuse to process any refund related to it.

(iii) deduct the amount payable for such items from the refund to which the User is entitled.

The following is the procedure for starting the return, refund, or exchange request process:

  • Kindly visit the My Account area after logging in using your credentials.
  • After choosing the order you wish to return, click “Return/Exchange” and adhere to the guidelines on this page to get a Return ID. Please send us a picture of the product and the invoice via email for our records.
  • If the user paid with cash on delivery, they must indicate their chosen method of reimbursement at the time this return/refund request is created, which can be either their bank or their AJIO Wallet.
  • The Products shall be picked up in accordance with Reliance’s stated dates.
  • Only after the Products are received in compliance with this Policy will Reliance start the refund or replacement procedure.
  • Reliance may specify specific days on which different policies apply.


You can obtain a refund for the non-compliant product at the time you make a return request or cancel the products on any of the Platforms. You will only receive this kind of reimbursement if we have received payment for the returned or cancelled goods.

If you choose to cancel or return the products, please be aware that the refund amount for any products that meet the requirements of this policy for returns will be processed within 7–10 (seven to ten) business days of the date on which we receive the products and confirm the defect or non-compliance in the Product.

Reliance will handle refunds via its standard banking channels, with the exception of situations in which a user purchased products using his or her AJIO Wallet (described below) or chose the cash on delivery option. The amount of the refund will be credited to your original payment method or to your AJIO Wallet, at your discretion. You understand that the terms and conditions of your financial institution or payment solution provider may apply, and that it may take longer for your refund to appear in your account once it is initiated. When a User uses his or her AJIO Wallet to pay for products they have purchased, Reliance will only process refunds into that User’s AJIO Wallet.

When a user chooses to pay for products with cash on delivery, Reliance will process all refunds into the user’s AJIO Wallet or, if the user provides AJIO with the account information at the time of refund, the user’s legitimate bank account. Furthermore, in the event that the User purchased Products on the Platform using more than one (one) payment method, Reliance will handle all refunds using a Payment method (as specified in the Fees and Payments Policy) that it determines best, at its sole discretion.

Cash refunds are not offered by us. Depending on the method of payment you selected, you will receive your money back within 7–10 (seven to ten) business days of us authorizing the refund, according to the conditions of this Policy. It occasionally takes longer for banks or other financial intermediaries to handle refund requests. Nevertheless, you can get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to assist you if the refund does not occur before the specified period.

Any amount paid by the user for shipping or other similar fees, such as the convenience fee, which may occasionally apply, will not be included in the refund that will be given to the user. However, we may reimburse the shipping costs to you if a product is delivered with a defect or damage (for reasons attributable to, and accepted by us after due verification at our sole discretion). To claim a refund of such shipping costs, including the convenience fee, you must do so within 7 (seven) days of receiving the refund for the remaining amounts.

Reliance will use all reasonable means to notify the User about the progress of the refund through updates shared on the User’s Platforms account, registered email address, and registered cell phone number. For any technical cause outside of Reliance’s control, Reliance disclaims all liability regarding any failure to notify the User of the refund’s status.

If, upon our inspection following a product’s return, it does not meet the quality requirements outlined in this Policy, we reserve the right to reject a request for a refund. In such circumstances, we might let you know, and Reliance won’t be responsible for the Products’ return or assume any liability.


If the Product is delivered in a different size or fit than what was ordered on the Platform, or if the Product order’s size or fit is too small for the User and they would like to try a different (larger or smaller) fit or size of the same Product, they may initiate the request for an exchange of the Product (“Exchangeable Product”). It is your responsibility to start the exchange requests for exchangeable products within the timeframes specified on the product detail page (the “Exchange Period”).

For a successful exchange product pick-up, you must maintain the Exchangeable Products in their unused, original, and sellable condition along with the original invoice or sale receipt, brand outer box, MRP tags attached, user manual, warranty cards, and original accessories in manufacturer packaging. The Exchangeable Product must also meet the requirements. If you would like to exchange such a product, please contact us and we will process your request and evaluate it in compliance with this policy.

the products’ faults, damages, or purported non-compliances are acceptable to us, or the defects, damages, or non-compliances are the result of our default; in either case, we will accept or reject the exchange request after verification. In order to verify this, we might ask you to email us pictures of the damaged or defective exchangeable product that you received, or we might arrange for a staff member to come out and inspect the product in order to determine whether it is damaged, defective, or not in compliance. We reserve the right, subject to the assessment report, to arbitrarily resolve the matter in any way we see fit following our assessment of the harm or the concern expressed in the exchange request.

You acknowledge that we do not accept product exchanges of any kind:

  • If you ordered the wrong product that is, the wrong model, color, or quantity.
  • If the product falls into the category of non-returnable products, such as personalized goods that are not returnable due to their nature.
  • If you neglect to file a complaint or request an exchange for an exchangeable product within the exchange period.
  • “Made to Order” products. Any damage to the product resulting from misuse or incorrect storage, alterations made to the product by the user or a third party, or a decline in value for any other reason will not qualify the product as exchangeable.