SRS Travels Bus PNR Status

Step 1: Open the SRS Travels website –

Before moving on to the next step, confirm that you are on the homepage.

  • Save the srs travels website to your favorites for future convenience.
  • In order to prevent any problems throughout the process, make sure your internet connection is steady.

Step 2: Select ‘Online Booking’ Option

  • You can see varies option on top of the home page. 
  • Then you select ‘Online Booking’.

Step 3: Select the ‘Track Your Bus’

  • You can see the Ticket Booking Page.
  • Top of the page You will see ‘Track Your Bus’ option.
  • Click on the ‘Track Your Bus’ option.

Step 4: Enter your PNR number & Tap on Search.

  • Put your PNR number in the space designated for it.
  • Make sure you typed the proper PNR number by checking again.
  • Click on Search Symbol, then verify your Bus PNR Status and Your bus live location .


  • Enter the correct PNR number.
  • Always double-check the PNR number before clicking on ‘Submit’.
  • Ensure you have a stable internet connection to avoid any interruptions during the process.
  • Bookmark the srs travels website for easy access to their services.


If you have any doubt questions PNR Status Related, please contact the below numbers.


SRS Travels and Logistics Private Limited,

No.321, T.S.P. Road,

Opp-Bangalore Medical College,


Bangalore-560 002.


       With a focus on employee transportation, tourist transportation, intercity night service, package tours, and logistics/cargo movement, we are happy to present ourselves as one of the top transportation companies in the nation.  Since its founding in 1971, SRS Travels has advanced significantly in its industry and today operates a fleet of around 5000 cars that are available for use around-the-clock.

        The key to SRS TRAVELS’ success is its genuine and dedicated attitude to tourists’ demands, which involves anticipating their wants and striving to fully satisfy them.

       The goal of SRS TRAVELS is to provide customers with a secure, easy, and comfortable travel experience while also treating them to small indulgences. SRS TRAVELS delivers economical and comfortable transport to the customers.


  • Employee Transportation
  • Tour Packages
  • Logistics/Cargo Movement
  • Tourist Transportation
  • Intercity Night Services
  • Premium Cars

Terms and Condition

  • Your things inside the bus or office are not the responsibility of the management.
  • The ticket is valid for the exact journey to which it is issued.
  • The passengers are responsible for taking care of any personal belongings or luggage, and any disputed value must not exceed Rs. 1000/-. It is not recommended for passengers to carry items costing more than Rs. 1000. Any package or bag valued at more than Rs. 1000 is sent at the recipient’s own risk.
  • Transferring tickets is not possible.Passengers traveling on the wrong tickets may be off-loaded by the management at any time.disrupting the co-passengers & also inebriated passengers,without reimbursement.
  • The Management maintains the right to cancel,postpone,alter or delay the vehicle without assigining any reason,and to change the sitting arrangements in case of emergency.
  • It is advised that passengers arrive 15 minutes early.Passengers that are late will not be allowed to board the bus.
  • Explosive and contraband items are not permitted.
  • It is definitely forbidden to smoke or drink alcohol inside the carriage.
  • When canceling an open, postponed, or pre-arranged ticket, there is no refund.
  • Customers must visit the company’s nearest office with their ticket in hand to cancel or make any other adjustments; phone requests will not be honored.