Greenline Travels PNR Status

Step 1: Open the Greenline Travels website –

You will see the Home page of Greenline Travels & Holidays website.

  • Save the Greenline bus website to your favorites for future convenience.
  • In order to prevent any problems throughout the process, make sure your internet connection is steady.

Step 2: Select ‘Manage Booking’ Option.

  • You can see varies option on top of the home page. 
  • Then you select ‘Manage Booking’.

Step 3: Enter your Ticket Number & Mobile Number.

  • Put your Ticket number in the space designated for it.
  • Make sure you typed the proper Ticket number by checking again.
  • Enter your Registered Mobile Number.
  • Click on ‘Search’, then verify your Bus PNR Status.


  • Always double-check the Ticket number before clicking on ‘Submit’.
  • Enter the correct Registered Mobile Number.
  • Ensure you have a stable internet connection to avoid any interruptions during the process.
  • Bookmark the Manish Travels website for easy access to their services.


If you have any doubt questions PNR Status Related, please contact the below numbers.


Greenline Travels
Aanadrao Circle (Arc)

Green Line Travels #32, Hotel Suprabatha Building,
Seshadri road, Aanadrao Circle, Bangalore,
Karnataka -560009.

About Greenline Holidays & Travels

One well-known company in the bus company sector is Greenline Travels. Giving the bus business a new face is our goal. Passenger comfort has always been our first priority. To our extensive fleet of buses, we have regularly added luxury buses. Our first concern is ensuring that our passengers’ comfort level is never compromised. We have always made a sincere effort to go beyond our comfort zones to enhance the traveller experience. Continue reading to find out what we have to offer that improves our standing in the industry.                        

Nearly every one of our vehicles has this fantastic live bus tracking system installed. By providing real-time information about the bus’s position, this aids passengers in organizing their transportation to the bus stop. Additionally, it avoids the needless worry of missing the bus or having to wait for it in the event of a delay.

We work hard to offer the greatest customer support in order to deliver the best service. We offer a responsive customer service team that travelers can contact with any problems they may have while traveling. This group responds to every concern raised by the travelers and finds a prompt resolution. Customers are made to feel welcome by this, which encourages them to become loyal patrons.

A passenger will now be taken aback by the bus’s interior comfort as soon as he boards. Modern conveniences including WiFi, a charging station, water bottles, and a central TV are all present in the buses. The seats are incredibly cozy and give off the vibe of a cozy bedroom. Nearly every luxury brand bus is in our fleet. Mercedes-Benz multi-axle buses, Volvo multi-axle buses, and Scania multi-axle comfort buses are among our opulent fleet vehicles. The trip is made more comfortable by these busses. We always raise the bar on luxury because our mission is to transform people’s perceptions about bus travel.


  • Volvo,
  • Volvo Sleeper,
  • Sleeper,
  • AC Sleeper,
  • AC Seater.

Bus Facilities

  • Water Bottle
  • Charging Point
  • Blanket
  • Hammer
  • Movie
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Emergency Exit

Terms and Condition

  • The times listed on the ticket for arrival and departure are merely estimates. There are certain inevitable causes, including road congestion, why buses may be delayed.Nevertheless, the bus won’t leave the location before the time specified on the ticket.
  • It is requested that passengers arrive at the boarding location at least fifteen minutes prior to the departure time.
  • When boarding the bus, passengers must provide the following information. If they don’t, they could not be permitted to board the bus.
    • A copy of the ticket (either a printout of the ticket or a printout of the email ticket)
    • Identity verification (passport, PAN card, student ID card, driver’s license, or voter ID card)
  • Neither Greenline Holidays nor any of its travel partners will pick up customers from their locations unless it is specifically stated on the ticket.
  • The travelers should arrive at the specified office fifteen minutes prior to the planned departure.
  • The company disclaims all liability for any accident or loss of the passengers’ belongings or property.
  • Should the vehicle break down or for any other cause outside the company’s control, the business will not be held liable for any delays or inconvenience experienced during the trip. The ticket price may vary depending on the season and the service provider reserves the right to adjust it.
  • Please take note that if there are discrepancies in the details provided by the credit/debit card holder whose card was used for the transaction, we may request a photo ID. Any one of the following might be this: -·

    A valid driver’s license, or
    Social Security Number or,
    National Identity Card or Passport or,
    Voters’ card or PAN card.

    Note: The only people who can cancel tickets and pick up their refunds at the appropriate counters are genuine travelers with legitimate Greenline Holidays tickets that were purchased at Greenline Holidays counters or through its agents. Presenting the original photo identity card is required while canceling.

Cancellation Policy

100% Cancellation Fees if less than 6 hours remain before the station departs.
90% Cancellation Fees between 6 to 12 hours of the station’s departure time.
50% Cancellation Fees within 12 to 24 hours of the station departure time.
20% Cancellation Fees for One to Two Days Prior to Station Departure Time.
15% Refundable Deposit Up to 7 Days Prior to Station Departure Time.
10% Cancellation Fees within 7 to 30 days prior to the station’s departure time.